Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mobile Shoe Racking

Mobile stockroom shelving
Mobile Shoe Box Storage
The photo above was taken inside a major shoe brand's outlet stockroom and shows a great example of a high density mobile storage solution. Retail storage space is typically very restricted and yet stores that sell shoes require an enormous inventory to cover all of the different sizes, colours and styles of footwear available. Using static shelves is an option within stockrooms that have high ceilings, they can utilise extra high racking to provide enough storage capacity. If using the height is not an option, then movable shelving racks provide a great way to increase storage capacity whilst actually making it easier to access the stock.

A mobile stock racking system uses a wheeled base that runs on a specially made track, chain driven hand-wheels operate the lateral movement of the base with very little effort required from the end user. Upon this base a commercial grade shelving system is installed (EZR Trimline in this instance) which provides a stable structure that allows the whole mobile unit to be fully loaded. As you can see in this example, six long runs of shelving are compacted together in to what is a relatively small space. When a member of staff needs to access an aisle not currently accessible, they simply turn the wheel of the selected bay which opens up the aisle space.

This example picture is great at showing just how many boxes can actually fit within a given space. As the Trimline shelving system features slim posts and beams, there is very little wasted space and with all internal aisle space removed it really does make the most of the floor space. If you just take a look at one of the shelves on the foremost unit you can see there are 18 large shoes boxes, multiply this by 4 levels plus some extras on the very top of the unit and you are storing approximately 80 pairs of shoes in only the first storage column. With a mixture of adult and children's shoes being stored here, there are well over 2000 shoes boxes stocked in what is essentially a complete solid cube of boxes.

This particular installation was supplied by EZR Shelving who specialise in cost-effective, high quality mobile stockroom storage solutions. Call 01993 779494 to find out more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Garment Storage

Steel shelving with folded garments
Garment Storage Shelving Solution
This photograph shows how the EZR Trimline shelving system is used within retail stockrooms to provide practical and efficient storage for clothing garments. The system uses slim profile shelf supports to minimise wasted space, yet still offers more than enough load capacity to cope with fully loaded shelves. With seven storage levels in the height and shelving that runs the full length of the stockroom, there is enough storage space to allow organised rows and columns of clothing products. Arranging products in this way helps retail staff to find products quickly. A large aisle space is left between runs, big enough to allow more than one person to work in the space at the same time whilst also enabling the safe use of a pair of step ladders - essential for those high shelves at over 6ft high.

Stockroom shelving like this is usually supplied in 4ft (1220mm) wide bays to provide the most cost-effective solution but there are multitude of size options available to suit any requirement. Trimline utilises a starter and add-on bay principle where connected bays use a common end frame, this has the benefit of drastically reducing costs in larger installations as well as reducing the amount of floor space required. Melamine shelf decks have been used throughout to offer a clean surface to stack clothes upon that is also easier to keep clean than regular chipboard - the most popular shelf board for stockroom applications.

A uniform distance between each storage level is used within this project but all shelves are fully adjustable every 25mm (1"). This flexibility in configuration allows retailers to setup the stockroom storage racks exactly as they need them, perfectly suiting the products they offer.

Garment shelving supplied & installed by EZR Shelving, for more information about this type of storage solution please call 01993 779494.